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Thus Agam Speaks.

“Ultimately, a real understanding of history means that we face nothing new under the Sun.” – Jim Mattis

Most rituals that we perform are scientific but we were never said the reason. And with imposition we want to be away from elders. And the answers are in scriptures. Over years we lost the ability to read between the lines in mythological stories or literature. These are treasures which have hidden life lessons but are left untouched.

And in the era of technology, we are stressed, obsessed with social media and have lost the connection with ourselves. Here is where mythology and literature can help us to be grounded and go on. Delving in them give solutions even in the current era, just need to implemented in better ways. The old techniques yoga and pranayamam are examples.

Also our surroundings and nature teach great lessons that even books don’t teach. Observing them will heal us, guide us.

So, the website is about contemporary lessons from Indian Mythology, Tamil Literature and the life hacks from nature and surroundings which helps us to keep going when stuck and lead a fulfilling life.

But why the name Thus Agam Speaks?

Agam means heart. Words, when they come from heart they could be pure and soft and it soothes both the speaker’ and the listener’ mind and soul. And Literature, Scriptures and nature have the ability to touch heart.

So, Stay tuned for articles which are relevant to modern times from agam speaks.

About Myself:

I am Rukmini P Kirthivasan. I am a Mother of a little girl, I think about my family most of the time, I am passionate about blogging and a manual tester. I love to know about Mythology, Old Tamil Literature and draw Kolams. Reading and writing about these are my favourite activities. Since childhood I love mythology and I as grew up I sense there is a deep connection between science and spirituality. Just to want share them here with you all.

You can also reach me on rukminipranatharthiharan@gmail.com. Follow me on instagram @agamspeaks